What Do You Know About Aries Dates 2013?

Aries Astrology Dates

The New Year 2013 has come! What did you prepare in this year – 2013, dear Aries? Why don’t you start afresh with new dreams, new ventures, new adventure or new hopes? Let the sorrow, sadness or anxiety of the old year vanish in your mind forever. You will gain the success, happiness as well as satisfaction in 2013 if you are patient and hard-working.

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More about Aries sign

Aries Astrology Sign Love Horoscope

According to astrology, people who have the dates of births between March 21st and April 20th are considered as Aries sign. Aries people are always dynamic and active in the works, the society and even the life. Sometimes, they can be unruly and sloppy but people also like communicating with them because of their self-confident and capable characters. This sign is known as the first sign in the total 12 Zodiac signs, so Aries people want to be the pioneers in any aspects in the life.

Aries Horoscope Love

The symbol of Aries sign: A Ram
The best color for Aries sign: Pink, Red and Rose will be suitable for people born under this sign
The birthstone for Aries sign: Ruby

Overview for Aries in 2013

This year will be known as a dynamic year for all of the aspects, dear Aries!. You will gain some great results in the first half of the year if you try your best and put your extra effort. Your work will be more convenient with the new projects, new plans and new contracts. Don’t miss some opportunities in the works as well as in the life.

You can confront with some obstacles in the first periods, but you should be not anxious a lot. Don’t let the anxiety and stress obstruct your hopes. Your health is average. Don’t hesitate to strengthen your health by doing some simple excises in the morning and in the evening. A good health will be a best way to handle your stress and tiredness.

Some lucky and unlucky dates for Aries

Let’s find some lucky dates for you, dear Aries! You can choose these lucky dates for your first date, starting new project or confessing some mistakes to your mother, etc. With the unlucky dates, you can control your feeling before any disagreements with your boss, your partner or your father.

Sign of Aries

Lucky dates: 15,10, 20, 21, 16, 19

Unlucky dates: 22, 3, 4, 13, 23, 31, 24

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